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A business needs to win in the workplace before it can win in the market.

It is often quoted that culture trumps strategy. But how do you develop a winning workplace culture? 

The answers lie in the inner fitness of people, their self leadership, and their ability to relate well with others. InnerFit helps businesses improve all of these aspects of culture, which improves the morale and performance of employees and the company.

InnerFit provides effective training in the workplace that empowers individuals to become better people. The outcome? Positive growth in the culture of an organisation.


What we do


InnerFit talks

Innerfit Talks have been developed on innovative topics designed to stimulate interest and enquiry to take the next step toward personal and professional improvement in performance.


InnerFit workshops and training

The Innerfit Talks are followed by facilitated workshops that further explores the topic and develops a specific plan for change that participants are involved in designing and committing to.


Why it works

A unique approach

The lens of sport and games provides a powerful context and metaphor to help participants relate to the keys to success in the game of life.


Researched and tested

Our development methodology is tools-based, empowering participants to be better, with further planning and support to remain on course.


A proven success

Recipients of our innovative programmes have included Beef & Lamb NZ, Fresh Direct, Southern Cross Health Society, Auckland Transport, AMP, Westpac, Bayleys Real Estate and Goodman Realty.


“Out of all the seminars that I have attended, this was the most motivational and empowering. Full of energy with plenty of experience and lots of resources. It has kicked me into anther gear of positively thinking about my health and the stress in my life.”

Southern Cross attendees

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