We build InnerFit workplaces, cultures and team members.

A business needs to win in the workplace before it can win in the market.

The key to winning in the workplace is to have a winning team culture and winning attitudes through the business. This is found in the inner fitness of people, their self leadership and their ability to relate well with others.



InnerFit helps businesses improve all of these aspects of culture, which in turn improves the morale and performance of employees and the company.
InnerFit takes a unique approach to team and personal development, with learnings through the lens of sport about performing at optimal levels.


Innerfit training uses a practical and empowering tools-based methodology that starts with the development of awareness within each individual of what needs to change.

The core element is found in the practice required for change to take place, to create new habits, attitudes and behaviours.


Innerfit Talks have been developed on innovative topics designed to stimulate interest and enquiry to take the next step toward personal and professional improvement in performance.

A Talk is followed by a facilitated workshop that further explores the topic and develops a specific plan forchange that participants are involved in designing and committing to.


Recipients of our innovative programmes have included Beef & Lamb NZ, Fresh Direct, Southern Cross Health Society, Auckland Transport, AMP, Westpac, Bayleys Real Estate and Goodman Realty.

“I would say that this is the best session of this type in my working career.”

"Wow that session this morning was awesome and feel we need to do more of this more often."

“I recently attended a work function where the focus was celebrating where the company has come from in the previous 10 years, combined with team building. We were fortunate to have Ken (Innerfit) present. Ken has the natural ability to be able to relate to a room full of people both personally and professionally. I was left feeling inspired, with plenty of valuable advise/guidance on how to better myself both personally and professionally… inspirational.”