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Athletes have talent. That’s a given. But talent is just the tip of the iceberg.

Those who have achieved greatness in sport know that their accomplishment could be attributed as much to being InnerFit, as it could be to physical fitness.

We challenge athletes and teams to develop their InnerFitness, to build the character that will protect their talent and deliver optimal performance. 

By training the inner person, InnerFit is raising a new generation of well-rounded athletes and role models, capable of realising their full potential in sport and life.


What we do


InnerFit seminars, workshops and tools

The InnerFit programme has seminars, workshops and tools available, focused on developing high performance individuals and cohesive teams.


Broad coverage

We work with individuals, teams and coaches in all fields of sport and at all levels, from grass-roots to high performance.


Why it works

Tested in the field

InnerFit training has proven to be practical and effective in developing high performing individuals and cohesive teams.


Better individuals than before

Innerfit training improves an athlete’s personal disciplines and ability to relate well to the people around them, providing a better foundation for success.


A proven success

Recipients of our programmes have included the NZ Breakers, NZ Canoe Racing, Sport Gisborne, High Performance Sport NZ, International Rugby Academy NZ, The Blues, NZ Rugby and Tennis NZ.


“I have been working with InnerFit for seven years and it has given me a lot more balance in my life. They helped me define my values and gave me the tools to stay true to who I am. This has helped me with my focus on the court, and allowed me to enjoy playing, which has made me a better tennis player. Thanks for everything.”

Michael Venus,
2017 French Open doubles tennis champ


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