We build InnerFit athletes and sporting teams.

“Winning isn’t in your control. Being at your best is.”
- Dr Jane Magnusson

Athletes have talent. That’s a given. But talent is just the tip of the iceberg.

Beneath the surface, physical ability must be supported by good character, integrity, discipline and resolve, especially when under huge pressure to perform. Those who have achieved greatness in sport know that their accomplishment could be attributed as much to being InnerFit, as it could be to physical fitness.

When athletes are InnerFit, they can maximise their ability to be a successful individual inside and outside the sporting environment.


InnerFit athletes understand what their optimal performance can be, and how to develop the commitment and skills to achieve it.

To develop this deep athlete self-understanding, InnerFit focuses on the athlete’s thinking, emotions and relationships. This builds resilience, a stable platform and the consistent ability to strive for optimal performance.

By training the inner person, InnerFit is helping to raise a new generation of sportspeople: well-rounded athletes and positive role models, who are capable of realising their full potential in sport and in life.

The InnerFit programme for athletes has seminars, workshops and tools available for individuals, teams and coaches. We work with athletes in all fields of sport and at all levels, from development to high performance.

InnerFit athletes understand their optimal performance, and how to develop the commitment and skills to achieve it.