At InnerFit, we believe that Success Starts Within.

InnerFit enables Kiwis to be better from the inside out, forming solid inner foundations to build success upon.


InnerFit is a leading New Zealand not-for-profit organisation, staffed and supported by business leaders, consultants and accomplished sportspeople. We formed in 2005 to help build better Kiwis from the inside out using a sport-based teaching programme to develop foundational life skills.

We’ve had a lot of success guiding Kiwis to be InnerFit, but fast forward a decade, and the principles upon which we started InnerFit have never been more needed due to the enormous and accelerating changes in our society.

In today’s fast-paced world, balancing the demands and expectations of ourselves and others can be challenging. Foundational structures and support mechanisms to manage the pressures of modern life and help people strive for success are minimal, hard to access or lacking altogether.


Our InnerFit programmes are designed to develop well balanced, inwardly strong, outwardly focused people, who are able to make great choices.

We believe that “Success Starts Within” and at the core of that success are fundamental and foundational skills and abilities. While some regard core emotional and mental skills as ‘soft skills’ we see these as the cornerstones upon which we live our lives, from which interact with the world and how we succeed in our endeavours.


We believe that when individuals are able to make better decisions, are more resilient to hardship, and feel more connected to others, they can achieve more success and lead a happier and more fulfilled life.
To help individuals become InnerFit our programmes are based on several principles:

  1. Being InnerFit is the key to unlocking potential.
    An individual can have all the talent in the world, but without inner fitness, talent means nothing. What’s inside is the real measure of a person, and enables you to become better than before.
  2. Success and progress requires commitment to change and resilience to challenges.
    To succeed in any pursuit you have to be willing to change and work towards being better than you were before. This requires commitment to the efforts of self-discovery and change as well as resilience and perseverance when faced with challenges on your journey to success.
  3. Life lessons can be learned through the language of sport.
    Used effectively, learnings from sport can inform better decision making, resilience, connectedness and culture. Even more crucially, sport-based teachings can instil personal values and character traits, that become reflected in long-term habits and responses.

By placing these principles at the core of InnerFit, we ensure our InnerFit people have the strong foundations on which to build a successful life and reach their full potential.


When you’re building a world with stronger people who make better choices,you’ve got to start with yourself. Here’s
what we stand for.

We back ourselves and the people around us to succeed. We’re in this for the good of the people we work with and we are here to help them make their lives better.

We live in a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. For us, it’s all about growth and optimal performance, and making a difference with everything we do.

We’re a family, we know that we can achieve so much more together, and we build strong collaborations to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes.

We're always ourselves in any situation - honest, decent, authentic and genuine. There's no other way to operate.

We’re here for the benefit of others, for the community and for our country, and we're here to serve. We are proud of our successes but we value humility at all times.