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InnerFit is a leading New Zealand Charitable Trust, staffed and supported by business leaders, consultants and accomplished sportspeople. We formed in 2005 to help build better Kiwis using sport as a context to develop foundational life skills.

Our InnerFit programmes are designed to build these core skills, and provide structures and support mechanisms to help people manage the pressures of modern life and strive for success.

Creating a world of InnerFit people is our mission; a world of well balanced, inwardly strong, outwardly focused people, able to make great choices.


What we believe in

When you’re building a world with stronger people who make better choices, you’ve got to start with yourself. Here’s what we stand for:


Believe in people

We back ourselves and the people around us to succeed. We’re in this for the good of the people we work with and we are here to help them make their lives better.


Better than before

We live in a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. For us, it’s all about growth and optimal performance, and making a difference with everything we do.


Better together

We’re a family, we know that we can achieve so much more together, and we build strong collaborations to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes.


Always real

We're always ourselves in any situation - honest, decent, authentic and genuine. There's no other way to operate.


Bigger than us

We’re here for the benefit of others, for the community and for our country, and we're here to serve. We are proud of our successes but we value humility at all times.


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