We empower educators to build InnerFit kids, and become winners in the game of life.

A person’s life course is set at an early age, but interventions before the age of 10 provide an 80% chance of making a positive impact.

InnerFit helps teachers make that impact with an easy-to-implement, curriculum-linked Health and PE approach, that teaches and builds the fundamental life skills, resilience, attitude and employability skills that our kids need to succeed in life.

InnerFit helps primary school teachers drive positive change. Our values-based approach is centred around student well-being, and uses the language and experience of sport.


What we do


Supporting teachers as leaders

As a complete teaching approach, InnerFit provides Professional Learning Development (PLD) for classroom teachers. Our support equips them with the confidence and competence to engage students actively regardless of ability.


Best practice classroom resources

We have seven modules, written by teachers for teachers, providing quality content for the delivery of Health and PE. For age appropriate delivery, each module is provided in three levels.


High quality teacher guidance

The InnerFit Education approach includes ongoing support, PLD and advice, one on one consultation for teachers, ideas to integrate character education into the classroom, practical resources eg gameplay discussions, video links and life skill workouts.


Bringing parents into the life lessons

InnerFit also provides compelling parent materials, to help parents support the newly learned life lessons within the home environment.


Why it works

Physical activity builds character

InnerFit uses sport and games as a context, as a proven method of developing values, problem-solving, confidence, social skills, decision-making and teamwork.


Unique benefits for teachers and schools

  • Completely integrated with NZ Health and PE Curriculum

  • Strongly connects to the NZC’s five key competencies

  • Connects with PB4L and provides useable resources for staff to develop values.

  • Makes it easy to teach Health and PE

  • Frees up valuable planning time

  • Provides modelling, co-teaching and ongoing support

  • Affordable and cost-effective


A proven success

InnerFit’s Gisborne 14-school pilot achieved great results:

  • 75% of Gisborne kids positively impacted

  • 86% of teachers more confident and competent in delivering health and PE activities

  • 45% increase in students’ ‘ability to cooperate’

  • 64% of students ‘better at sharing’

  • 47% of students ‘better at managing themselves’

  • 60% increase in students’ ‘problem solving ability’.


“InnerFit is a real game-changer. As a community, we face many challenges. We have the highest percentage of decile 1-3 schools in the country and many barriers to regular quality sport and physical education opportunities for our kids. If we can invest in initiatives like this we can build the platform for a better future.”

Brent Sheldrake
Former Sport Gisborne
Tairawhiti CEO

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