We build CRACKERJACK KIDS with an INNERFIT core.

We know that the life course is set at an early age. The good news?

Interventions before the age of 10 provides an 80% chance of making a positive impact. We are focused on helping Primary Schools make that impact with kids.



CrackerJack Kids is the programme that takes our InnerFit methodology into primary schools, by teaching fundamental life skills to kids through the language and experience of sport.

We do this by equipping and supporting classroom teachers with a complete programme and integrated approach combining Physical, Character and Values Education.

The easy-to-implement programme is delivered through Learning Modules using the themes:

  1. Better Than Before
  2. Influence
  3. Focus
  4. Self Control
  5. Attitude
  6. Character
  7. Choices

These develop kids’ personal skills, social skills and broader life-skills, while also improving their physical literacy by delivering quality Health and PE lessons.