InnerFit Education Is Now Online

The InnerFit team have been busy developing an online portal for primary schools, where teachers can log in and access all our Crackerjack Kids resources at the click of a button.
After months of work, we’ve now launched phase one of the Learning Management System (LMS). Teachers can download any of our Crackerjack Kids material in PDF format, making it much quicker for them to access lesson plans and classroom exercises.
We’re now starting to migrate the teachers we’re working with over to the LMS, and are continuing to develop the resource so that it will be even more user-friendly in the future.
Our CEO Ken explains, “We’re excited for the possibilities of where we can take this Learning Management System. We’re continuing to develop it, so that future versions will include professional development for teachers. We plan to add helpful tips and give users direct communication with our team, which will help them interact with the resource more effectively.”
“Ultimately, we plan to deconstruct the content in our manuals, and present it in a digital-rich format with video clips and graphics, to get the material out in a way that provides even greater access and flexibility.”


If you’re interested in finding out more about Crackerjack Kids for your school, contact Sue Morris at

Kieren Smith