InnerFit Business: 'Energise' Talk

We are continuing to deliver business seminars, which have been designed to help workplaces get the very best from their staff.

Our CEO Ken has presented our ‘Energise’ talk to a range of organisations this year; including telecommunications company Digital Island, software developer Cin7, and the staff at Avondale Primary School.

Ken explains, “The good news is, these organisations are adopting a focus to help the people on their teams become better, both personally and professionally. With our ‘Energise’ talk, we’re encouraging people to think about the different types of energy they have (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual); and how they can identify what things may be draining them, so they can maximise their energy levels and get more from life.”

Feedback from these sessions has been overwhelmingly positive, with one Digital Island staff member emailing, “I would say that this is the best session of this type in my working career. I’m going to tell my wife about this as she is in HR and I believe this could be a great resource for her workplace’s leaders.”

Another attendee wrote in saying, “Wow… this will allow me to be more productive with my time.”

If you’re interested in having us deliver an ‘Energise’ session in your organisation, email

Danielle Aldridge